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Mommy Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of being and or becoming a mom. When I was pregnant I had very intense anxiety. I was nervous about becoming a mom and as it got closer to giving birth it got a little more scarier. Everyone’s body, mental health, life circumstances and personality is different so you don’t necessarily know how you will react until you are actually in that situation. My labor was very intense; as I got closer to 10 cm dilated my anxiety sky rocked; I was very shaky, but I had a great support team, very significant people by my side. I think it’s important to have supportive people with you during this time. This is the team that will walk with you through this experience and be the strength you may need, at this crucial time. In addition, I think it’s important to go in with some type of plan, but also understand that unexpected things can happen that may alter your plan. You have to prepare yourself for any and everything. I had very strong feelings against getting an epidural, but after 13 hours of being in labor I was becoming too weak and I had to get one. I was very upset about having to get one but it all worked out for the best; You have to listen to your body and make the best choice for you and your baby. After giving birth, I had more challenges, my heart rate dropped, I couldn’t stop shaking, I was throwing up and felt very weak, maybe, if I didn’t get the epidural things would have been worst. So even the best prepared planned may change based on your experience. So, if you have some idea of how things will be, just be prepared and flexible to make changes since; you just never know what will happen during this process. Even with all that took place during labor and delivery, after 23 hours of labor, I received the greatest gift ever, my baby KRUE. My experience was right for me and yours will be for you!

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