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Give God the little teddy bear and he’ll give you the bigger one

This year has been a transition period for me. I moved and finished my first school year as a teacher while juggling mom life and adjusting in other ways. While transitioning, I discovered the need to stay in places or in the company of certain people based on what was comfortable for me. I’ve always struggled with change; change is uncomfortable and can be sad because you are grieving the old way of how things used to be. After all, it’s bringing about something new. Newness can bring about fear if we let it because it’s the unknown, which can be scary. But the beautiful thing about something new happening is that it brings peace to your life, especially when that newness starts to settle in, and it’s all said and done. Chances are if you are going through significant changes, it’s something you need and something God saw fit for you. The peace I found was inner. During those uncomfortable times, it forces you to look at yourself and see what you need for yourself. So yesterday, I did something outside of my comfort zone. If you are in the midst of change or transitioning, I hope you do something like this too.

I took myself on an ice cream date, brought my notebook with me, and wrote down the things I’m thankful for, such as:

waking up that morning

my support system


my home

my health

And then, I followed up by writing down some of my thoughts, such as:

“I want to learn how to accept things in my life no matter if they turn out the way I planned or not. “

“I’m happy to be at peace where I am in life, understanding nothing can be rushed.”

“Timing is everything, but also understanding that we don’t have all the time in the world, so taking risks is essential… act on how you feel and keep people around who appreciate me for who I am and let go of the ones who don’t. “

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