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Growing Toddler

Watching my baby grow is such an amazing feeling. Everyday he is expanding his vocabulary and trying to form full sentences. It makes me laugh and smile at how smart and well spoken my baby is. He knows how to ask for what he wants and something I learned to do is, if I can’t understand what he’s asking for I tell him to show me! Finding ways to communicate with your little ones is very important. Krue loves for me to read to him. He’ll bring me books, sometimes he try’s to read them himself. He also is as active as ever and even more independent! He doesn’t like me to help him eat; he wants to do it himself. He even knows how to undress himself, depending on what he has on. He will be two in 3 short months and I can’t imagine the things he will be doing next. He never ceases to amaze me. I love him more than he’ll ever know and I’m just looking forward to watching him grow into the person he’s meant to be.

Mommy’s take in every moment and enjoy them no matter how crazy the moments get; just remember that every second you experience with your little one is a gift. Shower your little one with love, care, patience and understanding and watch them grow into the amazing, smart, creative gifts that they are!

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