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One of the most frequently asked question I get is “how do I like being a mom ?” To answer that question... I love being a mom. Being a mom can be challenging at times, but majority of the time it’s fun for me. In the beginning it’s a adjustment period for me it for for at least the first couple of months. It’s something you have to find your grove in especially because every baby is different! My baby had colic for the first two months, so that was a difficult time for me. Although, like every big change you go through in life with the good time there will also be hard times. But I will say I enjoy motherhood. I love being with my baby so much. I feel like being a mom is the most precious gift in life. When my son looks at me he gazes at me like I’m the best thing in the world and that makes being a mom feel so rewarding. Baby Krue understands I’m that I’m the one who takes care of him and that’s why he wants me when he’s tired, hungry and/or needs to be change.

Fun fact - babies know the difference between male and female. Whomever is the primary caretaker is the one the baby is more drawn towards.

Comment my other questions you would like me to answer!

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