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Being a Mommy is my most rewarding responsibility!

Being a mommy is my favorite and most rewarding responsibility. I’ve learned that you have to hold onto and really enjoy the little moments! You know, the moments that makes everything you’ve being doing seem worth it. The ones that help you understand that your hard work as a mom isn’t in vain. I’ve recently showed Krue how to use his potty. During the first few days I would show him the potty and explain to him about twice a day what the potty was used for. I sat him on it for about five minutes and he has gone every time. After that I began to let him just freely explore potty time because research showed that the age to potty train is mainly around 2 years old and Krue is only 16 months, therefore, I didn’t want to force him to go by implementing a structured routine, if he wasn’t ready. However, I believe that Krue is ready; he has been taking his pamper off for about a month. Because of this, I have chosen, when he does this to take him to the potty and he actually goes with no problem. Me personal opinion is that the right time to potty train depends on each individual child and the mom being in-tune with what they are and aren’t ready for! Sooo, after letting him go on his terms, Krue will either say potty and point to his diaper, or he’ll began to pull off his diaper when he has to go! When he gives me these signs, I simply take him to the bathroom to use his little potty. He’s been doing really good and most time he pees and poops when he goes. I get so excited to see him actually understanding the concept of going to the bathroom! When he’s finishes, we clap together; it’s important to praise him so that he understands he’s doing a great job! He honestly makes me so Proud to be his Mom and something that may seem small is very big, to us Mommies. So moments like these hold onto and cherish them. Regardless, of the age your little precious one is ready for the potty always remember that every child is different; they will get there! Be excited about every milestone and know that both you and your precious little one are amazing!

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