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Mommy Goals

For these past two weeks I’ve been felling discouraged as a blogger. Although, I’m new to this I want to have a bigger following. I was feeling that I don’t have the support from other mommies that I really want to see on my page. I want my followers to engage more in things I have planned, the activities on my social media page and being active on the website. Although, I’m not sure if my followers are interested I know I can’t give up. So, even with feeling discouraged I had to put on my big girl pants and push through regardless. I decided to go harder on with my approach instead of giving up. Even if things are moving slow you still have to give it your all especially if your just starting out. Trying to build something great takes time and won’t be done overnight. You have to put everything you have into whatever you love and the reward will eventually come. I’m in the mist of putting in the hard work and looking forward to the reward.. until then we must continue accomplishing our goals! Please take an opportunity this week to write down one gaol you want to accomplish by the end of this week and 2 more goals you want to accomplish by the end of this month feel free to comment below on what your goals are or if you have words of encouragement for the MommyKRUE!

My goal this week is to write a blog for each day of this week... Usually I do it once a week! Tell me what’s yours ???

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