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Pregnant Mommy

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

During my pregnancy, it was a challenge enjoying food like I use to; it was a struggle. In the beginning, I lost weight and for a while I weighed less than I did before I was pregnant. I was super skinny the first couple months of my pregnancy because I couldn’t keep anything down. Food that I thought would be able to eat made me sick. The sickness pretty much lasted my whole pregnancy. I remember the day after my gender reveal, which at that point I was five months pregnant, I ate pasta and immediately got sick. This was strange because the day before I had the same exact pasta and I didn’t get sick. In addition, I would also get sick even when I didn’t eat and have to throw up; whether I had a full or empty stomach, I would vomit. As a result, my doctor told me to snack on crackers throughout the night and that helped. I don’t remember a time during my pregnancy where I felt great. I even threw up while I was in labor and also after I gave birth. My pregnancy wasn’t all that fun but I got through it. Although, I had a difficult pregnancy, in the end, I received the best reward, my baby boy, Krue ❤️ and he is definitely worth all that I endured!

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