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She believed she could, So she DID!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

College was an experience of growth for me. Now that I’m done looking back I can see how much I’ve grown over the years. When I started college I was excited about going away living in a dorm and the whole experience, but after one semester I learned that didn’t work for me. I got really home sick and decided to move back home, and continue going to college in my own city. That experience in itself was major for me because I had to apply for a new school, I had to complete a portfolio and do an interview to get in, which I did and was accepted. By the time Christmas break was over and spring semester started I would be in a new school. At first I kept to myself so I didn’t blossom in friendships but as a designer I was growing. In my second year I found my friend group and felt more comfortable to open up and be myself. The summer of my junior year I got pregnant with Krue and that pushed me back a semester and I was already a semester behind with transferring, so I had to do a year without those friends I made along the way which really made me sad at times, but looking back it pushed me to become more self sufficient. I didn’t have anyone their to help me like my friends would or tell me when something was due. I had to be even more responsible than ever before. I had to be responsible in so many other ways as well since I was about to become a mom. But seeing how my college experience ended in the middle of a pandemic which robbed me of my senior fashion show and a physical graduation, I look back and reflect and find that I’m so grateful for being able to live through this and clearly see how strong I am. I’m someone who suffers from situational depression and I did get very down at times about the way my college experience ended, but I never let it get the best of me and for that I’m proud.

Here is something helpful you can try if you have depression or just need ways to find the positive in hard situations.

So during the beginning of the pandemic I would text a friend 5 things I was grateful for at the end of each day and she would send me five back.

If you don’t have a friend to do it with write it down in your journal at night before bed, some nights I did that as well.

Finally, stay in the moment, don’t expand your thoughts to what could’ve. would’ve, should’ve and remember this too shall pass.

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