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Becoming Mommy

Updated: May 21, 2019

The love between a mother and child is something that is supposed to come natural; This natural process of love is supposed to occur because of the bond a baby and a mother form through the pregnancy process. Being pregnant is one of the biggest changes you can go through in life. For those 40 weeks maybe a few more or a few less you are preparing to bring a new life into this world. This life changing experience can bring about anxiety, worry, distress, moodiness, fear, joy and so many more emotions.

Although, it is natural to go through all these different feelings of emotions remember to focus on the Positive! A baby is greatest gift you can receive in this life! As you go through your pregnancy or reflect on being pregnant in the past, think about this...Your child grows inside of you, in your womb, and your body is literally your child's protection from the world. As your baby grows he or she listens to your heart and finds comfort in that sound! As your body goes through so many changes to prepare for the birth of your little one, your baby is developing a new mile stone each week. Preparation for the arrival of this precious gift is happening during this process and soon enough the arrival of your little bundle of joy will be in this big world.

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