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Restless Mommy

One of my areas I am currently struggling with as a mom is bed time; getting Krue to sleep consistently throughout the night is almost impossible! Around 8 months Krue started to sleep all night without a bottle in middle of the night, but now at almost 16 months he wakes up around 2/3am for milk. I’ve tried not to give it to him like the doctor recommended to just let him cry it out, but he literally won’t go to back sleep without it, he will stay up until he gets it! Another recommendation from the doctor was to give him dinner later and that also didn’t work! Although, I am pretty used to him waking at night, I am surprised as I thought by now he would sleeping all night long. Although, I have gotten use to it, I am still trying challenge with not only him waking up for a bottle but also getting him to sleep on his own which some night he falls to sleep with no problem in his own bed and some days he cry’s to be with me. I’ve been pretty good with keeping him in his bed except sometimes when he wakes for that middle of the night bottle. When that happens he wants to get in the bed with me and I give in sometimes. I have to figure out the perfect balance for us. Although, I’m still trying to figure it out. My biggest take away is that babies are unpredictable and as soon as you think you have figured it out they might switch up on you! So patience is key for mom’s (something I didn’t have until becoming a mom). So when you are frustrated or unsure if what to do, remember to just take each day at a time and always remember you got this mommy! These challenging moments will pass. Your little one is trying to figure this big world out the same way you are trying to work out the toughest job on earth, being a Mommy! Again, remember when it gets tough to take each day at a time, breathe and know that you got this! Mommy’s Rock!

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