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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

If you’re wondering how’s life been with a 3 year old it’s been amazing & hard two adjectives that don’t usually go together unless you’re talking about some of the most rewarding things in life. Which for me motherhood has been that.  I love the experience I’m getting with watching and helping my son grow. I’m blessed to have a 3 year old who can express to me how he feels using words - he tells me if I upset him , he apologizes to me on his own, if he does something wrong, he tells me how much he loves me daily and I’m so appreciative to have him in my life. Everyday isn’t perfect and he has his moments where he doesn’t listen to me or wants to do something he’s unable to do, but we always work through it, even if that means letting him cry it out. One thing I’m big on is letting him get it out his system and being able to express his emotions. He’s such an amazing kid and his growth helps me to grow as a person and as mom everyday. I’m so grateful for all that he is already and I can’t believe I will have a four year old in a few months! So, my advice would be to cherish each moment & take the good days with the hard ones step at a time. This time is a learning curve for you and your child no matter their ages.

Fun fact - Age 3 is called three-major by doctors because it's an age where the attitude of your child's is one of a teenager. This is a practice run for those teenage years!

Tips for meltdowns - let your child have the meltdown don’t try to add on to the meltdown in the middle of it.

Sometimes ignore / sometimes console - go bases off of your child’s energy first ( for me personally if it’s a meltdown with anger I ignore first - if it’s a meltdown with sadness my child will come to me for a hug or he tells me he wants me and I console )

Don’t heighten a stressful moment- the moment will past quicker if you let your child feel the emotions

Once your child has calmed down talk to them about what he/she was feeling.

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