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Don't forget about Mommy

Updated: May 21, 2019

It is very important that you don't lose who you are in becoming a mom. Becoming a mom will bring about different priorities, other things that used to come first will now come second. However, as a mom it's important for you to stay true to yourself. Yes, being a mom is now the priority, but self care is extremely important in helping you maintain positive energy. Having positive energy is required because your baby will respond and feed off of you; self care will allow you to be in your happy place and remain confident in who you are as a woman. I will admit in the beginning it was hard to take care of my hair, and worry about my clothes, nails and make-up. I always swore that I would be the cutest pregnant person, especially since I major in Fashion Design; it's a personal interest of mine. Little did I know, the toll pregnancy would take on me. For a while, I did lose myself, a little bit, because I didn't have the energy to worry about my looks. Even in the midst of having low energy, I was able to find ways to enjoy my pregnancy, take care of myself and focus on my passion.

Be encouraged by some of the efforts I did to help me keep my passion for fashion alive:

-Pregnancy photo shoot where I planned the themes and put together the looks

-A gender reveal and specifically went shopping for that

-In the beginning of my pregnancy, I made garments

-Sketched designs for an upcoming collection

-Made mood and inspiration boards

You may have a different passion, but the goal is to keep your passion alive even during craziness of becoming a mom. Mother's need to be focused, determined and inspired for their children so they learn from their first role model how to move through life, even during periods of change and to show them the importance of following your passion and chasing your dreams, no matter what. Having a baby may be life changing, but it doesn't prevent you from fulfilling your dreams; it is the very thing that will push you even harder to see your dreams become a reality.

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